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Bring your Designs to us, we can help you make a better future !
 Designing a better future
 Templar Design wants the privilege to serve the Media industry through creating pages/sites and graphics for printed media. I attended Colorado Technical University and have attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Internet Technology Concentrated in Web Design and plan on continuing my education there in the future. Along journey, which includes a disabling auto accident, I have accomplished and learned a lot, through patience and hard work in whatever field I was in at the time. Turning even the accident that disabled me into a plus in my life as it made me consider other avenue’s in my life and to set new goals. The accomplishment of these new goals have bought me to this point in life! Now I have will have the opportunity to serve the community by working in both graphic design and web pages. It is my hope that you allow me to serve you in this capacity. I want to see you succeed in making your business thrive with the help of Templar Design. Timothy Crater